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Volume #0: Issue #1
Effective: Summer Solstice, June 20th, 2015.
EMERALD (35th) Anniversary Edition (June 21st, 2015).
Web Revision: July 09th, 2017.

Edited by GHFr. Pneuma Asteros, Order Chief Adept & President.



On behalf of The Society of The Astral Star and it's members, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the On Line version of the Societyıs Constitution and Bylaws.

The history of The Order states that it has had four constitutions in it's thirty (plus) year history to date. We have recently celebrated our Thirtieth (Pearl) Anniversary on November 1st, 2010, a major milestone in the history and operations of any organization. We have endured for many reasons, but one of those reasons has to be our founding principles and the governing structure that has helped us to maintain our internal organization.

As an overview, it should be noted that The Society of the Astral Star was founded on November 1st, 1980 in Georgetown-Scott County, Kentucky for the study of occult arts and sciences within a theological Christian framework by well meaning - but very young - founding members. The First Constitution of the Order was ratified October 31st, 1981 by it's membership. In 1984 a number of changes were needed due to our decision to practice a form of High Ritual/Ceremonial Magick while still accepting membership from all denominations of the Christian faith. The Second Constitution was ratified October 31st of that year. In 1985, a number of additional issues had to be addressed, primarily due to several founding members leaving to attend college in different cities and states. Additionally, a couple of founding members chose to resign from the Order as their spiritual perspectives had changed dramatically since the organization's founding and due to a number of personal issues which had to be resolved in their private lives. On Epiphany, January 6th, 1986 the Third Constitution was ratified.

The current Fourth Constitution is the continuation (with amendments) of the Order's Constitution that was re-written in the Fall of 1992 on the occasion of preparing for the Order's legal incorporation as a non-profit corporation. The Order was incorporated as a Fraternal Organization *and* as a Religious Society (as an inter-denominational Christian Church), domestic in the Commonwealth of Kentucky on the Vernal Equinox, March 21st, 1993. The last major revision of the Society's Constitution was written and edited for the Order's Twenty-Fifth Anniversary. It is this document which appears here in print (& Online). These documents are *not* perfect. A lot of issues remain to be resolved and other issues will need to be re-examined as time goes on. The membership at large will continue this work. Our Order is driven by the continuing work of it's members. We have sought a balance between the authority of the general membership and the officers of our Society. We are a democratic organization of peer brothers and sisters (Adelphon) in communion with each other and with Spirit, and hopefully with the Divinity.

Most individuals regard Constitutions and Bylaws and other governing documents of organizations to be boring and not worth the time to really review or study carefully - let alone to do so *critically*. I certainly agree that such documents do not usually generate a lot of enthusiasm - except for the occasional student of parliamentary rule, scholars of law, and other specialized historians. Still, it remains my not so humble opinion that it is extremely important for any individual who decides to aspire to affiliate with let alone *join* any organization to learn as much about the founding principles and precepts of that organization as possible. This is especially true of organizations claiming to teach and instruct mystical knowledge for one's spiritual advancement. Only study of that organization's governing documents will reveal - in theory at least - that organization's general structure and open intentions.

For this reason, I encourage everyone considering affiliation with the Society of The Astral Star (aka the Order of The Star of Bethlehem) to read this document carefully. By all means, do not be afraid to questions those of us who *are* members of the Order of the meanings of the rules and contents. I encourage the reader to pay particular attention to the language of the various Articles, Sections, and Paragraphs of our Society's Constitution. We gladly offer these documents publicly on the world wide web at our site free of charge for review (and down load). For those interested in obtaining a printed hard copy of these documents, feel free to write to the Order and let us know. A fee of $15.00 is charged for a copy of these documents and is available by sending a money order and writing your request to:

OAB, Inc.
Crux Mystica - Constitution
P.O. Box 1482
Georgetown, KY 40324 USA

All members of the Order are issued a copy of this Constitution as part of their official membership package gratis.

On behalf of the Society of The Astral Star / Order of The Star of Bethlehem, I would like to once again thank you for your interest in our organization. I extend to each of you my warmest regards and best wishes in your esoteric studies and continued spiritual exploration. As always, I continue to remain most sincerely,

Yours in The Light,

Frater Pneuma Asteros,
(Rt.Rev.+Michael W. Humphrey)
Chief Adept, Imperator, & Society President,
Society Of The Astral Star, Inc.
Order Of The Star Of Bethlehem
Georgetown, KY, USA
Vernal Equinox: March 21st, 2015
On-line Revision: July 09th, 2017


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